Method for rapidly improving PR value of new domain name

I am not a professional, only network enthusiasts, I have built a few small stations, including local portals and forums, the right to be a personal hobby. In the registration and use of domain name process, found that part of the new domain name used only three months to PR2, dare not exclusive, especially to share with you.


method is simple:

first you have to have a PR value of relatively high domain name (PR=2 above) and are using the site, this site popularity and flow better. Then the new domain name registration at the same time bound to this site, to GOOGLE PR value update, you will find that the new registered domain name PR value will also rise to the original site domain name equivalence.

suggested in the GOOGLE update PR value before three months as appropriate, because GOOGLE to include new domain name, included to a certain amount, the new domain name PR value is the same as the old domain name.

illustrates with examples:

I do hometown portal – Guangshan network: 2007 2007 began construction in January, December, the PR value rises to 2, later, I respectively: December 2007 and 2008 March registered registered domain name: also bind Guangshan network space, in 2008 May GOOGLE update the PR value found two domain name at the same time up to PR2. GOOGLE PR value may find that the same space bound domain name, there is a PR value of 2, and a few also synchronous rise (personal view, to be tested): – ().

also, I also a website information BOT: and is also the world: webmaster on-line (DEDECMS template, not careful management of the station, a popular cold). I will (pr=2) at the same time bound this site, in 2008 May found that the domain name PR rose to 2, while the PR value of is still 0, only recently rose to 1.

but also angry is 2004 was used, later may be K out, I now registered and bound Guangshan network: Baidu now has not found duplicate content, included, may be K, but.

Description: this method is a personal exploration, only on behalf of personal views, there are incorrect, welcome to discuss.

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