Analysis and suggestions on Baidu ranking decline and instability

did 6 months ranked third of the PR3 station, was a just do the new station ranking decline, it is not willing to, summed up a bit of experience to share with you to discuss!


blue cool is the first station of my own, because it is so in the new technology is lacking, only to make up for the hard work! When their son’s care, daily maintenance of more than 12 hours, basically except sleeping and eating, the other time is spent on the main job every day! Is to update the content and post, add some external links, etc. These things are familiar with the station changmen.


website is done in September, December ranked in the top 3 is stable, it is really very happy, because spent a lot of thought have not been in vain, and is the first station, I thought I could do, I also became the webmaster, ha ha! Ranking has been very stable, until a few days before, a new station suddenly rushed up, had never paid attention to, to tell the truth, see when the heart suddenly hanging up, the pressure is really big than to be expelled!

spent so much time, can never be a new beat, the brain is like this, and then continue to analyze, analyzes their ranking factors following effects, also please have time to help me look, this is not the main points.

1. domain name

I do the key word is Levis, but my site domain name does not appear in this word, his domain name is Levis at first, and later know this is called domain name seo.

The location of the

2. program

the station I was placed in the folder, but not directly on the root directory, and then make a network of several friends, think of this SEO is to a certain extent, (now want to take out of it, the program is PHP, related to the database, the couple did not dare easily fear, loss of data, is to deal with).

3.FLASH animation

I in the web site in order to enhance the effect with 2 Flash animation, suspicious of the search engine is sensitive to flash, and later found a large number of SEO data, on which we seem to have the objection, but for the sake of insurance, I decided to remove the appropriate flash.

4. external link


in the website of the external links and is I think the quality is quite high, so relatively few links, but his stand with the quality of N PR0 is not very high external links to external links, what is the quality or quantity of important, important, I do not understand!!! > 5. program

his program is static, I’m PHP, although we all know the same condition, ranking static > dynamic, but he has only a few pages, baidu included on the 1 page, my station is updated every day, baidu also >

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