Be a healthy happy and confident webmaster

is your neck OK? Is it painful and stiff?.

your spine okay? You may have pain associated with.

, are you all right? Are you still in the twilight?.


webmaster, once when we is full of health and vitality of the sun once when we are young; a dream and passion of the young man; do not know from what time, we began a long network business trip, embarked on a difficult and lonely, helpless and never regret the business long march. Countless day after night, the bag is still shy. Slowly, our words less, our eyes no longer as yesterday as God, the sun no longer shines on us, the face is more and more bleak. Slowly, you’ll find the neck becoming more rigid and the spine getting sore, which makes us restless. Eat more and more small, growing belly. Fewer friends, less leisure time. Occasionally go out for fun, but passers-by to us to a strange vision. It was late at night, and the girls were asleep, and we were still busy. The chicken crows, it’s daylight, we’re still busy. Day and night, another day. Have ambition, have the passion and dreams, with the body atrophy and atrophy. The revolution has not yet been successful. Morale is not there yet. Without confidence and joy,


a few days ago, the body has undergone great changes, the family looked at the pain in my heart to see, in the eyes of my mood is very uncomfortable. So temporarily put down the site, and quickly adjust the health of the body. Control the Internet every day, no longer online wandering around, the main update site, observe the flow dynamics on the line, and other times are used to exercise. Here I mainly recommend badminton exercise


response capacity of all joints of the body; up to the brain and eyes; down to the feet and toes; mainly the upper arm and the back muscle. Continuous half a month of exercise, I feel at least now, my waist is no longer so sore, stiff neck, spine stiffness is no longer a feeling, people are more spiritual. Looking back on their website, mini games,, site: a little, the amount of collected also came up, Baidu weight seems to have improved a lot.


the sentiment: in the world in addition to the website, there are a lot of people and things we should cherish and concern, after all, the Internet prospects in the doldrums, alone is no longer possible to become great climate. So we should put down some things appropriately, don’t let ourselves be too tired, the website should go on, we still need to live healthy. When you put pressure on yourself, you will find that you are back in that year. Once energetic, healthy sunshine, the youth came back again. For our dream, for our family, let’s be a healthy, happy and confident webmaster.

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