ndustry talent network accurate promotion practical experience summary

industry talent network is a particular industry for talent job search and enterprise recruitment website, in recent years, many webmaster has been in the industry personnel online under a lot of effort, and the prospects are more optimistic, because the industry vertical business website, has a good profit prospects, so many the project is the industry talent websites have emerged, and many projects launched is uneven in quality, the competition is very fierce. So whether the talent network industry is very easy to succeed to achieve profitability? The answer is obviously: not easy! In the actual operation process, talent network industry will face many difficulties, put aside in the face of national large-scale professional websites (such as 51job, CJOL etc.), site than local talent, talent network industry the main difficulty facing the following:

1: different from the local talent website, talent network industry has to face the customers are not in a particular area, it is not in the promotion process as local talent network focused on promotion, and not easy to hold offline activities;

2: because not in the same area, so the trust of a website in the enterprise HR to be discussed, customer demand for the credibility of the site is very high;

3: distance increases the cost of space, and the cost of promotion is much higher than that of local talent network.

then faced so many difficulties, stationmaster friends how to break out and become the industry leader in the recruitment website? We can through the analysis of the success of Chinese agricultural talent network, to summarize the experience of the industry talent network promotion. In the promotion process, we must pay attention to the word: precision marketing. This is in marketing 4P "channel" factor, then, Chinese agricultural talent network is how to understand and practice "precision marketing"? We come to discuss.

1: QQ group is the most convenient channel to achieve the resume library

QQ group is currently a lot of webmaster, especially vertical web site is very popular with a promotion space. And at present in the industry that exists in the society, we basically can find relevant industry QQ group, this is without doubt. Well, for a talent network, the number of resumes is the basis for the recruitment of your company. Therefore, the Chinese agricultural talent network through QQ group search, we can find and website keywords, "pesticides", "agricultural materials", "fertilizer", "seed industry" and many other related QQ group (as shown).


Chinese agricultural extension personnel talent network early after the promotion in hundreds of QQ group, so each group about 200 people, 100 QQ group there are twenty thousand people to see the site of the advertising, and because the group members are industry related personnel, have job needs, if the website so that group members have the higher the credibility of the site, also may be to absorb a large number of high-quality resume membership, as well as the promotion of the site in a circle. Therefore, >

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