By webmaster tools are attacked talk about grassroots webmaster network security issues

today is June 24th, almost all webmaster know, webmaster home webmaster tools today can’t open. I opened the back in Webmaster tools. With the shield wall test code, that is webmaster tools was attacked. There is some time ago to search outside the 20G attack traffic and stood in a row by traffic attack. Also, the author has a website that has been attacked by big traffic, which can not be accessed by the website. Here I would like to talk about network security issues.

when we grassroots webmaster in the day and night to do the station, when one day the site is up, there are users can make money. At this time, hackers will come from time to time. Perhaps this is the Internet cafe, I always think that the gray Internet is the most active place in China’s internet. Because the competition is fierce, the good marketing promotion pattern all comes to the underground internet.

many novice webmaster will ask, why attack me?. The most direct is to see your web site to do well, first of all your web site with DDOS or CC attack can not open, but that is, contact you, called you to the money. At this time, general novice webmaster will panic, especially for the first time encountered webmaster. In fact, I want to say is not need to take care of him, do not care about him. Parse the domain name onto

people say so my station is not open? In fact, no way you look as strong as the owners of the house were out of the open flow. Understand a bit of hacker technology know, traffic attacks are impossible to defend. So, we grassroots webmaster how to do?. If you are an independent VPS server, can the Internet to find some free software such as: defense safety hook, security Bao, the results are good. Small traffic attacks are generally defensive. If you are a virtual host, you can use 360 of the site security guards for domain name DNS protection. Of course, the premise is that your site has a good record, and now some of the protection of Web site maintenance service providers need to have the number of the domain name. These are free defenses. The last is money bought on the server, the general domestic protection of Zhejiang Jiangxi Guangzhou cluster room is very awesome. Buy a good server, basically the general traffic is simply not broken. For the webmaster home attack traffic, I estimate at least 30G of DDOS attacks. There are grassroots webmaster must remember that traffic attacks are for money, so we do not think hackers can attack us casually.

finally I want to say is for grassroots webmaster, must choose good server and space providers. General good IDC in the website security above is certain protection ability. The more strength the IDC technology, the stronger the strength. So we don’t have to be cheap. Because a lot of server business space has loopholes, and so on. Our website is sometimes very insecure. Congress often see some website title has been tampered with, black chain and so on. This is generally a vulnerability in the server background. Next is the website source code loophole, we had better choose the better free source code to do the station, or buys the commercial source code, so we do >

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