Discussion on popularity of sports forum from Table Tennis Forum

recently I have been concerned about a table tennis forum, think from this forum we can learn some methods of Sports Forum "poly" popularity, these methods are used in different industries I believe can also play a special role, and many of them are some forum itself should need to have the properties of so, from this forum I saw what


point 1: attract attention by sporting events

in this table tennis forum, I saw the unique way of operation of the sports forum, that is, the way to report the city type competition, will love sports friends together, as shown below,


this is a prize way to see in the table tennis game forum registration and the end of the game after the picture from the picture, we can understand that a forum can match such a model will be released from active forum overall, for example in Table Tennis Forum can have a try racket games, games and so on can cable under way, or through an ongoing one activity in terms of the enthusiasm of the members in the forum called up, as shown in the figure is the

operation strategy during the Olympic Games


during the Olympic Games, two report Forum on the Olympic activities, such as significance lies not only in the Olympic Games athletes refueling, another point is to the real and practical hook will be related to the popularity of the forum together, and really together.

second: release game video to get popular

in the table tennis forum, I found there is a region that is very popular, video game forum, this forum has a lot of friends to speak at the forum, then focus on the video game, indeed, every sports forum in active crowd, always on special events, in many places are not find a good video information, often in the forum is especially qualified to find, after all a series of videos together is a forum for the responsibility, here is the screenshot will do random intercept;


from above in the sub sector will be able to see a video, not only can let the people interested, but more important is that he can bring up video area also opened a novice teaching video, have to say basically all aspects to meet the needs of users of the video, this is every sports the forum should be collected.

third: the establishment of the local club section


in many cases, we tend to see the establishment of a club, a club, and in fact we can be like

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