The site’s operations and marketing need to be lined up and lined up

operations and marketing have always been inseparable, but many websites in operation mostly focus on marketing, so that the operation of the work will be forgotten. This allows website operation errors, the operation problem is far more than just a part of marketing, marketing operation of the operation, still need to go to the website brand, website promotion, overall planning direction. And many enterprises believe that as long as the goods sold out, word of mouth comes naturally, as long as the marketing part of the good, then still afraid no one concerned about it? This is not understand the drawbacks of operations.


dismantling operations into several parts: brand value setting, network promotion, product, inventory, marketing, activities, these major categories.


operations work more attention is paid to the website of this piece, the page content, operators need to plan and check the website page layout and color and so on, let people have a good reading experience, it can also enhance their sense of the value of the site. You also need to check the keyword settings to see if they can provide good help for later periods. These are pre – site needs to pay great attention to the preparatory work, there is no good page design, how to allow consumers to love your web site, there is no good keywords, how to do optimization in the late,



after the preparatory work, the medium-term began to activities and marketing oriented, in the middle of the operation, the need to pay attention to the activities of all peers and sales, and then compare to find their own activities. Increased sales during the event the percentage needs to make the form to analysis activities when what time to buy the most people, how much is the number of purchase, the purchase of age classes, evaluation… After buying these about website promotion success.


mid term stable sales and activities, how to do later to improve the brand value of the site?. We all know that to establish a brand value is very difficult, but if successful to establish a brand value of your sales will according to the number of times to increase, this is the brand benefit brought to the enterprise value. In the later stage of operation, more attention should be paid to the direction of these aspects, and how to build a successful brand.


However, in our opinion,

marketing is a part of the operation, sales is good, but do not post work that is smashed his own signs. Reputation promotion how important it is to see Taobao know, often to the poor buyers will give the seller again and again received phone calls and requests to the evaluation of discourse, evaluation of why so important? Because of a bad will affect the user’s desire to buy thousands on thousands of, which directly indirectly reduce the website sales.

marketing and operation must be the pace of walking side-by-side, the loss of which side will make the site received a great blow. So when the company boss let the operator just marketing, >

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