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‘s grandson followed for thousands of years, has been widely applied to other areas, the new England patriots coach Bill Belichick to read "the art of war" in the heart, many times the rate of the team won the super bowl. The concept of art of war is not limited to war, but more about competition strategy. It is still a sharp sword in the development strategy of start-up companies. Studying the strategy of Sun Tzu’s art of war can help you become a better leader, find good employees, please your customers, and be more sensitive to market trends.

while large enterprises tend to use hierarchical management models, power is arranged according to seniority. But the company is clearly not the case, in the start-up companies, founder and CEO than under the young is a very common thing, I never questioned their ability, but stressed that the leadership is not the strength to prove. Sun Tzu pointed out that it was crucial to the rational existence of Leadership:

Is it really so difficult for

in the spring and Autumn period, the war situation is constantly changing, competition in the form of confrontation with the present strategy of enterprises have many similarities. The idea of "preparing for war" put forward by Sun Tzu has an important enlightening role for entrepreneurs.


if he really has such a good project, he can guarantee that one person can earn ten thousand dollars per month. Then why does he want to accept trainees? Why not hire employees?

no wonder there are too many projects on the Internet, and all of them are so attractive, it is really difficult to choose. I think more and more that it is really important for us to learn how to think rationally.

at the beginning of the group, there are often people willing to remind, saying that the person to make money so easy, but they do not do, but every day to teach others, certainly not tricky.

leaders who command orders only worsen the team >

editor’s note: the art of war is an ancient Chinese military masterpiece, and the Chinese people have been learning wisdom for thousands of years. Since modern times, as the world exchanges have increased, foreigners have begun to see and understand this great work, especially in military and sports competitions. Recently, Nis Frome wrote on Mattermark, and interpreted some passages in art of war from his own unique point of view, and found the essence of some entrepreneurship. You may as well come to know it.


but later, someone asked, "this project is really false, that project is unreliable, I think we are too lazy to remind.".

to see a person on the Internet, or to see a project on the fly,

is confused, because these suitable and not suitable for the project together, has been hovering in our minds, we engage in extreme anxiety, the fear of losing that, do that they are reluctant to do this, come and go, what projects are you.

"in war, will be ordered to Yu Jun, and army crowd", in a startup, when the leader of the tag is only valid in its influence is meaningful.

in reality, I feel that most people are very smart, and will not easily believe that the world dropped the pie, but why there are so many people on the Internet in a very obvious scam on the tumble?.

‘s grandson, said only principle, general accept Junming, from calling in the army to pitch camp. In an entrepreneurial company, the leader’s label is meaningful only when its influence comes into play, no matter what way it becomes a leader. As a leader, you must get and maintain leadership from your subordinates.

sends advertisements to your mailbox every day and cries to teach you how to make money. Is it really hard to guess such a person,

the late spring and Autumn period, a famous military strategist grandson will write epic Strategy II "Sun Tzu", emphasize "preparing" thought, "returning to, instead we should be returning; not attack, instead we should not be too". Do not count on the enemy not to violate, but should rely on their own are well prepared, not counting on the prepared to meet the challenge; not to attack, but to rely on their own strong defensive power, can not be broken.

what are the benefits of rational thinking? I think it’s about setting goals, finding the right ones, giving up the wrong ones, and finding which ones are worth concentrating on.

asks the question not just for novices, but for many people who have been on the Internet for a long time, they are often tempted by the ads they receive in their mailboxes.

lost, is a list of all his, to think of the project are all written out, analysis of advantages and disadvantages, the subtraction, those who simply do not cross, clear a signal to the brain, delete it, don’t let him in the head and then flying. Keep only one of the best you can do. List the problems you need to solve for the project, and then figure it out step by step.

"in war, will be ordered to Yu Jun, and in the"

we know a lot of things, but if we can calm down and think calmly, we can really choose something very limited.


people who can’t think rationally will always feel disturbed when they do something. Because the Internet is full of temptation, today in front of you put a beautiful woman, ask you whether or not, tomorrow in front of you put a pile of money, ask you or not?. Of course, these are traps. You’ll fall off if you walk a step further.

The strategic thought of ?

often asks friends in a group, "I often get this person’s ad in my mailbox. Do you think this person is trustworthy? Is his project true?"


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