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mother circle Tencent inject 50 million yuan, beauty beauty IDG led a $20 million investment in shares, Ding Xiangyuan received a $70 million investment Tencent, Tencent bread travel a $50 million financing, as OpenCom simply made a customized mobile vertical community platform, recently received nearly 10 million yuan Angel round of investment.


I began to choose a program for the

if you have a good understanding of it, you can find that they are all related to Tencent and belong to Tencent’s venture capital. Why so much interest in Tencent venture capital community, in addition to the social gene Tencent itself, but also have a great relationship with the development of society, the rise of social networking and mobile Internet, tell people the progress of science and technology, the Internet technology has prompted a step forward, the rapid dissemination of information has been the first pursuit is not the development of the Internet the information service to people, people-oriented has progressive as the first priority.

so in September 14, 2012 "blue ocean" website was born finally this article was published, it was a new start, I was really out of the first step, I suddenly felt the importance of the first step. I keep reading books, studying and writing, and I also have more and more readers and good websites

website is the initial filing material preparation is not striking one snag after another, not a complete picture, is not, is the most hateful to me all the information to verify the correct time, the record did not come down, it was really so terribel! Psychology is also very worried, afraid to get down, delay the plan. Normal filing is a month time, and I have been waiting for 45 days, so to record there, called, the phone hit in the past, the effect is really obvious, less than an hour, the mobile phone prompt website passed the filing. Do not call to ask, do not know when to delay it this is also a small experience.

insists on the reason



mother community, beauty community, community doctors, there are many people waiting for the community to expand the community, teachers, lawyers, community music community, community doctors and scientists, between patients in community and so on, all walks of life, all kinds of people, can continue to refine the essence, and the community not only strengthened specific people exchanges, to the whole social progress will play a very important role. Doctors may develop a new treatment plan and patient comfort can share treatment have better effect, the teachers may discuss creative new teaching methods, and even scientists have developed the theory and new invention.

website on the same day, choose some professional programs, or blog program is good, I tangled for a long time, finally chose Z-blog, because it is simple, easy to use, more close to the people some. When I see the big blue sea soft Wen League of these seven words, I seem to see the sea, the future is so beautiful. You can say blue ocean. Of course, all this is just my own imagination and longing. But I was worried again. Because I am not what a professional writer, who is not what Chinese. If the website doesn’t work well, I’m really sorry for the audience. Hey,

filing storm

after being laid off, determined to return to the Internet, I was laid off, so simply, there is no sign of a point ahead of time, what should I do, working in Russia for three years, manager of a face not to say me open, so I lost my job. Before I go to Russia, is a website, not what is known, but enough of their own lives, I know the small owners the most troublesome thing is the original update, so create a soft blue ocean alliance, is in order to help webmasters solve the original problem, of course, this mission is too big, too unrealistic. At least I can’t do it by myself. But at least I saw a lot of webmaster, through soft text marketing, successful sales of their products, this more firm, and I to soft Wen this website confidence.

vertical community not only have said above the "timing" advantage, vertical community to the aggregation of users and business models to determine the "location" and "and" the advantages also prompted the vertical community age the most important factor of success in the mobile Internet fast.

mobile Internet can be said to open the "good times for Chinese entrepreneurs", once Ma came home financing story has become legendary. Today, a variety of hot money influx, every investment was a venture in the news media, which is one of the vertical community acquired the largest category of financing.

that makes me very upset, I began to doubt my ability, but the thought I’ve put all the energy into the ocean’s body, I have no choice, no job, do website is not good, will starve to death, I think the record in the waiting, the thought of their own future, I want a good, you have been holding on, I began to force yourself to go, so I started a soft writing career.

beauty, beauty makeup, for example, beauty, beauty makeup at the beginning of positioning is high school and university girls beautiful business. In China "special" conditions, as will enter the high school and community college girls, the beauty of dress basically is pure self, absolutely ignorant of, and in foreign countries, the girl’s mother, sister is a makeup teacher’s role, beauty beauty is aimed at this group, sub topic, and to the blogging community structured product design concept to stimulate the vitality of the community, promote users to take the initiative to share beauty experience and interaction, even signing star makeup share, the last line of cosmetics are recommended to complete the business model, closed loop.

problems encountered

In addition to the above

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