He started his money into the nternet bar he ate steamed bread even mustard soup are reluctant to

, if you’re a good game player:

use their own advantages, build a related website, flow does not matter, the key is to have a good profit model, more specific to the promotion of target customers, which depends on the ability of individuals, of course, can also find professional planning team, the cost is high, but the effect is good.


novice free learning station group: 77907815, this group is suitable for no basic learning, there are basic, do not add, and leave the opportunity to others, thank you!

if you’re a white-collar worker:

This vertical media

3. build a school of electronic magazine: do on school electronic magazine, do have certain influence, profit model is estimated to find nearby businesses advertising, this to everyone themselves, very well think of.

this excerpt from Legal Evening News Agency of Zhongguancun "West Side Story" 2, published in July 2016, IT author / Wang Shiyao ears slightly modified

and so on !


intelligent hardware is that Pan Haixiang use pocket money to do together, the future he gave "IT ears" set the direction, to get the angel round of financing, strengthen team construction, open the ShenZhen Railway Station and so on, are IT to fulfill the goal of ear.


came to Beijing, Pan Haixiang rented a house in the hotel and went with the team


2. build a WAP station: many college students love playing mobile phone, mobile phone reading, playing games and they often do, build a WAP site to provide mobile phone and mobile phone novel download game download to them, and then apply for several mobile phone advertising, promotion is not too big, as long as some users can, compared to the Internet mobile phone advertising, advertising is very good, a software of UCWEB 1.2, this method is quite

play the game still can get money, build a website, the game inside friends invited to people, people are slowly, can do some popularity, and then built a trading platform, you can buy cards, equipment, publishing tasks,

was interested in the fact that Pan Haixiang himself created a website called IT ears. When he wrote the article, he expressed some professional terms in a simple and understandable way, eliminating the annoyance of readers.

there are many opportunities in the world, the key is to think, WAL-MART can sell department stores so big, we have nothing to do,

borrows money from websites to make a profit, and Pan Haixiang’s IT ear is less than a year old and has now accumulated about one hundred thousand of its fans.

school every day after school, he would go to the Internet cafe business website, at that time, because of Pan Haixiang’s monthly living expenses are not well-off, go to Xi’an Internet cafes costs accounted for a large part of his overhead, each of the boys love to play games, but go to Internet cafes to play the game, there is no money to do. Must be in the game and website abandon a case, he will simply quit the game, concentrate on the site. Pan Haixiang was a month’s living expenses only 1000 yuan, up to some basic living expenses, the remaining are used for the maintenance of the website, once he put the money into the cafe charge account, the results of their own for a few days Steamed Buns, even mustard are reluctant to buy.

, pictured above, was conceived by Pan Haixiang at the time: love set 1,


if you’re a college student:

IT Pan Haixiang’s ear in the second year is set up, at that time, tiger sniffing, titanium media has just emerged, pan love tiger sniffing, Haixiang titanium media articles content style, different from the simple news, to express their views. But he also felt tiger sniffing, titanium media is too professional, ordinary people are difficult to understand some professional terminology, like the beginning of the O2O, just when the rise, many people do not understand the meaning of O2O, have to go online, sh419.

sophomore uses all pocket money to start a website

college students have a lot of time, and let the wasted in online games, rather than learning about the construction site, add some experience for myself, now I give students some Adsense money plan, hoping to bring some inspiration to you

2008 has been quietly, 2009 new weather, new opportunities, in 2009 the station you ready? Today I bring you a little money, I can’t expect we have very high approval for this article, but also not evil mockery, this is my own idea topxuexi. This article is promoting learning research articles, please indicate the.

IT ear website on-line 1st anniversary, Pan Haixiang in the Internet bar for fans to write thank you letter

1. to build a school forum: a general university of about more than 20000 people, built a school Entertainment Forum, using such a range of school advantages can be a good promotion, and a registered user, can negotiate advertising matters and nearby businesses, the promotion of proper income or considerable.

has a lot of feeling about this website, however, after graduation, Pan Haixiang did not use the website as a career. He went to an art education company in O2O, Xi’an, as a product manager. In Xi’an, wages are generally low, and Pan Haixiang, the product manager, has more than two thousand yuan a month. By the end of 2014, there was a chance that a Beijing based company would want to invest in Pan Haixiang and make him a idea communication community called "love creation", so he resigned from Xi’an and came to Beijing.

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