Hidden in the secret behind the drainage to the railway station

Shanghai dragon!This is the moon

1) pre drainage to control the daily visits, monitoring IP, PV and other data, to ensure that the site flow stability, so as to get the trust of the search engine, otherwise there will be traffic brush too.

3) drainage way to diversify, it will be more realistic and more reasonable, more friendly to search engines.

please indicate the source!

by bloggers make painstaking efforts for the source: Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝yechangliang贵族宝贝/ js/329.html

so, in the drainage when you need to pay attention to what, by what method can realize the drainage of

2) find the target fans. Remember not what traffic should, good positioning of the target population is very important, otherwise a lot of content on the site is not interested in the open web site visitors will increase your bounce rate.

new drainage is helpful to speed up the optimization process, if you just update the article, search engines cannot capture user data on the website of the study period will be longer, may have to wait for a long time in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire site, which is why some new obviously high quality content, but can not get the real reason ranking and weighting.

when our website is just on the line, patronize to update the article, but did not consider doing some "article" on the other hand, for example, to the site drainage, here, a lot of people do not understand why you want to give a new drainage, following with the topic and everyone together to discuss.

no new ranking, unable to get any traffic from search engines, so we need to try to give the site drainage, after a stable user access, search engines can gradually understand the value of the website, the website can give weight.

4) can be drained by the chain, chain, QQ group, QQ, WeChat, micro-blog and other space network promotion, for the new station, this several drainage is enough.

short, it is necessary to drainage, especially new sites, drainage of high quality can bring to the site very high viscosity of the user, the low quality of the drainage is likely to destroy the site in the search engine in the future. Therefore, the moon that drainage is a technology



for a new station, certainly no visibility, also won’t have what traffic quality and the search engine can only access the site through the user data to determine the content of the website is high or low, so the user visits the site data from steady flow.

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