From the perspective of deep understanding of chess website optimization

then said in chess in the horse, horse position in chess is very important, but a little regret is that the horse is very limited, but if not convenient car, find the entry point to the corresponding, horse power is very strong, you can trick the enemy, just like our website product introduction, users enter our website first to see what our latest products, if the products are not in place (hold away), then, will allow users to close the site into other peer sites immediately, thus losing customers, lose a source of income.

China chess is very broad and profound, as long as people are familiar with chess, more or less to all the truth of life, as in chess today, I just entered the Shanghai dragon industry, is also a chess enthusiast, although I don’t like chess, but with every game has a lot of truth in life, the following is to analyze in chess how to realize the spirit of Shanghai dragon industry

chess? Shanghai dragon? These two seemingly not involved, but today it will faint to bring you a new perspective to analyze a web site analysis of the overall Shanghai dragon, maybe you are more familiar with the Shanghai dragon in this industry, and then fell in love with the industry.

and pawns, pawn in chess very low position, at the beginning, the pawn was ranked in the first row, which doomed the fate of the pawn, pawn can be good when the car, with not only when people. Don’t look at the pawn can usually inconspicuous, but once he goes well, will have a great effect. This is a very magical place, like we just took over a new website, go to the hair of the chain, as long as there are.

because there is no traffic, no proof of customers, really is we lost half of the country. But if from another point of analysis, the car is the most powerful ability in the whole board, with "I Shun Chang Ni me dead" momentum. This is our products, you must do the best, more than all of the peers, defeat the opponent. The user into the site’s purpose is to products, we want to win customers, find the root of interest must make a fuss. Even if the products are doing well, so I think we are not far away from death.

then said the gun, gun position in chess is the only fire, but as with other pieces when the support, to play its power, otherwise just like death cannon, trampled upon. This point is the site Links, if Links do not good, so the site in the search engine untenable, not to the search engine to admit that behind the peer website, this website is the website of death.


like chess in the car, we all know that the car the biggest effect is fast, accurate and relentless, as long as the goal, on the opposite side of the pieces will be eaten, if placed in the website optimization, website traffic is like a car, go well, have the effect on the overall situation, go bad lost half of the country.

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