Explain why price change not to the actual effect

(1) landing page settings is not necessarily that home is the best, and long tail keywords related pages, this will be brought directly to the user the product page, reduce website bounce rate and increase conversion rate.

lack of skillAbout

advertising, first pay attention to is a keyword matching problem, only making accurate analysis of key words, to make the most of the needs of users to search our information, and in the key words or describe design, not only to describe the highlights, but also in innovation under the foot, about us it can get some enlightenment from competitors, and we are heading of creative production also understand a problem, because in the word limit, then we will describe the innovation control in 80 characters or less, but not all the time we can fight in the home of the central reality advertising, if the ads appear on the page right, it should be as far as possible the use of red, in order to show the title + description form.


we do not know about advertising position however, anyway, personally, I don’t love the first position, on the one hand by opponents, there are also many other aspects from the visitors click on the error, so the overall effect of money and pay is not proportional, so my personal feeling for as long as the ranking in the top three control can be, and there is not much need for the first, mainly on the design of key words.

is arguably the webmaster to fall in love with the sea money, should be rewarded, we all like to spend money to do the bidding, not to earn money gold should be a little profit, but many webmaster clutching his dirty carefully tried one bid to the final cost to earn back on the good situation of It is often seen.. So this is how it goes? I think it’s in addition to the product itself is more a lack of selling, our bidding strategy problem.


for advertising skills, I finally want to say is put on the scope of the formulation, some customers will be bidding to a large area of publicity and the choice of the country, this is actually the biggest waste of bidding amount, because we have to according to the most appropriate bidding area XXXXXX, the choice of their own industry about this, I have a good advice, you can go to Shanghai and to love list query keywords we want to heat as well as the regional distribution, do the statistics in this regard to do the bidding, the effect will be much better.

I think everyone should understand a problem, that is the user click rate is not equal to the conversion rate, for in my opinion is only a guiding role, some target keywords transition to our website, and the next work we need to design, such as the landing page, I think about this any a webmaster can not relax our vigilance, secondly for the design of the landing page I have the following 4 suggestions:

landing page design is too casual

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