A brief analysis of the influence of personality on domain name Shanghai Longfeng optimization

The influence of The domain name is

independent domain name in the user view is equivalent to the brand building, may not contain the website operation keywords brand domain name, is not related to domain of a keyword, is more elaborate on the enterprise brand, such as the love of Shanghai search engine, Google search engine with domain name search engine keywords take root pressure above, for some large enterprises, in the site before they have their own brand, its own brand name site, it is easy for users to remember domain name, if only use keywords website, and can give users more deep impression, the business enterprise products too much, is not unique to the user brand the concept of. Such as the A5 Trading Forum change new domain name.Net, managers pay more and more attention to the importance of the domain name, the domain name of personality can certainly help A5 brand building more powerful.

the length of the domain name will not only affect the optimization of Shanghai dragon, will also affect the user experience, many owners will use keywords in the domain of accumulation, will cause the domain name length is too long, the user is not convenient to memory, at the same time, the domain contains keywords optimization method is only applicable to English search engine, influence domain of brand building is far greater than the accumulation of keywords; domain name can have with the weight of many aspects are linked, such as domain name registration, domain name website content quality, site size, domain name of the construction of the external links, website domain name can have a high weight website, want to do what optimization will soon have effect.

owners in the purchase of the domain name should be to detect the domain name, domain name registration is punished by history, can go to the Registrar of the domain name registration query time, for example: query domain name: the way international exchange (www.tuhuiguoji贵族宝贝) the registration time, go to the search engine.

domain name after being punished

Shanghai Longfeng optimization

domain name weight of Shanghai Dragon

is the site of the house, the user enters the site and try to remember the website domain name, the domain name for the user more personal impression will be more profound, the content of the website, flow and user experience are closely linked with domain name, domain name character has great influence on the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

domain name weight to influence Shanghai dragon is great, the longer the weight of the domain name registration search engine is more high, is more advantageous to the website operation, many webmaster can register some good domain name, it put some simple pages, up until the time have a good plan out of use, will be very favorable factors; domain renewal time is longer, the spider think this domain name appreciated by enterprises, usually do the black hat optimization domain name will only be registered for one year, the spider paid much attention to this domain name will give weight is very low, the general education, government website domain name renewal time is permanent renewal, this domain name weight is not high is difficult to.

domain name website brand personality

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