Optimization of WordPress WordPress WP Super plugin cache

can also see the web folder under cache see supercache sub folder, the inside is pure static cache file Oh ~ so far on the success of the blog, the access speed is slower? Don’t hesitate. It quickly ~


then came the plugin page, the default WP Super Cache is not enabled, we choose the first, and then update the state.

finally enabled plug-ins:

then select advanced options, check the following:

WordPress believe that many of them choose to do independent blog is the program, then it what are the advantages? In fact, WordPress to a foreign PHP source program, the reason why many people take it to do blog, because it is the plug-in function is very powerful, simple and easy to understand, although most of it is English. But there are a lot of tutorials, don’t worry about that. At the same time, the security of WordPress is very outstanding, and now many people are doing Shanghai dragon, WordPress has also developed a lot to Shanghai dragon plug-in, compared to other programs at the same time, Shanghai will certainly love to WordPress more weight will be higher.



today we are to talk about blog cache plug-in, WordPress has a very famous plug-in called WordPress WP cache Super, use simple and efficient, powerful, you can just go to the official website to download the Shanghai love ok. Do not install? It is actually very simple, look at the picture:




Click to install the plug-in and then select your download WordPress WP Super installation.

Check back with

(Recommended) suggests, this is the recommended meaning, we don’t know the meaning of each plug-in, you can check the WordPress recommended. Time proved that the effect is good, can effectively enhance the blog access speed. Some people will ask how to determine whether the success of my blog cache? You can actually see the website source this sentence:

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