How to diagnose of Shanghai dragon enterprise website to improve the user experience

architecture is the skeleton of


is the flesh and blood of

space is the site of the


space Zhishizhizhong website is the foundation of survival, not a stable and fast space to do security, want to develop the website is almost impossible, if you are a user, open a website for more than a minute, I ask, you have the patience to wait? Therefore, site open speed too slow, it is affecting users of the site. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team suggest that the webmaster friends in the choice of site operator service providers must be careful, in addition, in the design of the site is not to look good, we sacrifice the speed of the site, the site of the long-term development of operation is very unfavorable.


and the people are the same, is also true to life, for the website, content is the site of the flesh, the website wants to survive, it must have rich content support, no matter what type of website are not content support, if you don’t have a good website rich content, so the structure of Web site the more beautiful is just an empty shell. The website to improve the user experience, the content is more important, good website content can retain customers, allowing users to linger, poor content, copy and paste meaningless content on the web site will allow users to quickly leave, but can not repeat.

navigation is the wizard for the website, can give the user and search engine spiders direction, tell you how to go, where there are what, therefore, every page of the website should be equipped with navigation, whether the home is the inside pages, to clearly tell the user and search engine spiders at the moment they are in what position, how to return, how can you reach the next station to the next station, what, this is the navigation.

websiteThe web site

navigation is the site of the

websiteIt is very important for ?

user experience is always the pursuit of enterprise website, each enterprise website has become the focus of the turnover rate, which is the user experience of the website, the website user experience is good or bad, in site planning and site operation, is one of the most important factors that directly affect the success of the website or not, the A5 station network in Shanghai dragon the diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng zhenduan/) and we simply talk under the corporate Web site should be how to improve the user experience of the website

architecture website, enterprise website in the website architecture layout is usually very important, how to design the website, how the layout needs to realize what kind of function, users love what kind of architecture, these on the site layout of the time will be reflected, after all sites do not only for myself. Is to the vast number of users to see, therefore, or to the user’s habits are habits, convenient for users, users love what kind of website architecture, design what, this is the real increase website user experience.


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