This article fast to help those sites after being punished webmaster at a loss



really, this month there are too many webmaster complaining about love Shanghai, especially the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon head, can see from this enterprise station number being punished is the largest, and no signs of recovery, even if the recovery is today tomorrow flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, there is No. At the same time, so the other industry website. In fact, it is not difficult to find love in Shanghai now attaches great importance to the overall quality of the construction site, in order to let the webmaster do well in the chain construction, website quality, love Shanghai now also gradually weakened the function of the chain, visible emphasis on the quality of your website love Shanghai. But have to say, now some of the website the poor quality of the piles, especially in the A5 marketing side done Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) some web services, after finding the quality of these sites is too poor, love Shanghai not punish you punish? So, A5 marketing suggest Webmaster: only do a good website, for the benefit of the user site, in order to solve the fundamental problem. If a website content is reproduced, copied, external links are made of spam links, this website is very difficult to have good rankings.

recently punished enterprise stand the most is this, a server N hung on multiple sites, what station are, but most of them have the right to stand down. For this, in general, the search engines don’t love Shanghai because there are other cheating sites use Adsense servers and punish other sites on the server. But now the number of garbage and cheating site if there was a giant, has a large number of spam sites webmaster and you use the same.

must understand: garbage station and non garbage station only in a wrong thought in passing a penalized site, if it is really a waste site, so the reason is very clear. But if your website is not spam, really helpful website for users, but in the last few months is love Shanghai punished, A5 marketing gives several suggestions, these suggestions may be of no use to the webmaster, but can help those confused webmaster, then we read..

Objective: before writing this article, A5 marketing for some ranking fell, down right, flow fluctuation of the webmaster to do a survey, although the survey number is not too much, but people from these data can be seen on many websites: from the beginning of April that are not fully restored signs until now part of the website ranking dropped out the rise, rise, back and forth, looked anxious, a small part of the site is down right there is no recovery. In short, all kinds of problems are quietly approaching, it is "fragrant" ah! Of course, this "sweet" let owners become very manic, they think: "what time is the head ah? Hard to do the site, suddenly be punished, love you this is not in the pit of our Shanghai

, check the server other site

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