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3 language to smooth, the central meaning to clear

a written standard

description to write to attract people, so I summarized several writing: 1 double idiom rule: in descriptions, can tend to write complex idioms, example: why prostate treatment repeatedly, as: why repeated treatment of prostate. This compound can make your description of idioms in many text is special. 2 digital Charm: I’m doing a medical website, found from the background data, users often love Click with digital description, for example one thousand successful cases, better than 1000 successful cases, especially in the words of a few words period, the impact is larger than the number of Chinese characters. 3 brand exposure: the description must own website brands, such as you are stone scissors cloth company website, then your website description should be with the company’s full name, the best in full at the end of a dash, such as: stone scissors cloth – create your personalized wallpaper……. This advantage is: increase brand exposure. 4 question: sometimes, ask yourself from a language will produce good results, such as: what is missing in your closet? Let me tell you!, QA pattern that is easy to induce people’s thoughts and follow your description. 5 learn to use the rhyme, it is a way of common statements such as: advertising that their own good, than to know

Effect of website description

three website description

written description standard format


1 the total character in 140 characters (two Chinese characters of a character)

description is important in what? I say we know: the website description is the users to understand the content on your site in the search results page of text, it determines the users have no interest to click on your website. Description of writing has its fixed standard, in this article, I will introduce 1 written description of standard 2 how to write a description of 3 website described the role of the following lecture, you want to watch.

2 good website description can be a positive effect on ranking (because of the keyword insertion site in the description will be included in the keyword matching results in

3 increase brand exposure

1 a good description of the site can guide the user to click (Wang Min), so as to enhance the flow of dialogue with the

2 do not use uncommon words or symbols like


4 description should be inserted into the target keywords (one to two)

well, the writing function description and the description >

How to write a description of

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