The enterprise website content optimization and construction of several major problems

first, the web site for a long time without effective update. Why is the effective update? Open the station of a company you first see is " congratulations to XXX company website grand line ", can appear, are " on the line when updated some articles to the ", this is a pool of stagnant water;; a way, there is a way, looking ahead is the a lot of, but the problem is that all these articles from all walks of life to the news gathering station, everything, we must understand that the site is not " " market; and we must be in the professional degree and quality of work, these two are prominent invalid update performance.

fourth, a wide range of content acquisition and finally let " fall into the bottom of the " website;. There are many companies, every day also issued a lot of news, these news updates are very regular, but carefully check the relevant news articles are from the collection of many enterprises or industry peers, and then edit in two processing, the most typical of this kind of website is medical or special >

second, website content updates without rules. This station is relatively better, enterprise owners aware of the importance of enterprise website content, the beginning is to send some news, adhere to the website updated monthly, but a lot of the time you see this update is actually no law, that is, think about it, feeling good in fact, the hair, this way is very sniff at, there is no law updates for the website included and the user’s reading is very bad, I suggest if you want to update the regular content updates for the best website, based on the quality, the quality of a good grasp, update time is fixed, so as to cultivate the weight of the website.

I found several important issues in the process of maintenance of enterprise website, enterprise website appeared a lot of problems in the process of content construction, if these problems are not long time to correct the day after will cause serious problems, so, as a webmaster we present in the process of optimizing the key content pay attention to those problems? Well, we continued to enter today’s short gossip, theme, content and construction of enterprise website optimization of several major problems.

third, the updated content is too horrible to look at in order to fool the search engine. Third update the way a little trick search engines taste, this kind of webmaster is having very shallow webmaster, not into the deep is considered to fool search engines to improve the collection, but the problem is that they think is too simple, the low quality of the pseudo original, disrupt the sentence, even if not paste understand the text, for the search engine and user experience will inevitably cause the decline of the text, the bounce rate is high, the algorithm can love Shanghai very easy to change this way don’t cheat, so the author emphasizes the original content quality, the quality of the content, the update frequency of the fixed time, and enhance the user value of our readers must go to the pursuit of things.

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