How to build a powerful web spider web

content is the carrier

2, method for website spider web

to establish a


1, first from the website framework with


method with examples, in Luoping as an example and the blog blog, the first is to build the framework with the WordPress program, and then is the use of Shanghai dragon plug-in for the home page, column page, the article page title, keywords, description of optimization, setting and optimization of fixed link to column page, the article page and page labels etc. then, is to set up several website main keywords on the site at the bottom of the chain, these are actually preparing for building web spider web.

3, robots.txt and sitemap

When it comes to site map

Luoping said the website spider refers to love Shanghai spiders, how to build a powerful web spider web master have their own set of methods, often see the webmaster forum about "let the spider crawl the topic, that is to link to the site construction site optimization, through the each page through multiple anchor text, which also has a link outside the station, so as to let the spider crawl along the links with the content.

to establish a spider’s Web

website Shanghai dragon to hear the most is "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, Shanghai dragon after decades of groundless talk, this sentence is still the truth; if you put aside the search engine, in a fresh vitality of the web site is constantly updated, and the website visitors like the love of spiders in Shanghai as you go see, valuable content will be more and more users, which reproduced share out, so the content of the website is actually better than any Shanghai dragon is more important, and the website optimization, with appropriate chain on the content, not only for the user to read the guide, it is friendly to the Shanghai spiders love, can let the spider more smoothly and more quickly to capture all the data of the website, the content update way too, why not

robots.txt of SE (search engine) welcome to play the role, this document tells SE what is the most important site, what is the site do not want to be captured, there are many tutorials robots.txt settings online, you can understand why Shanghai dragon why one hundred thousand what is robots.txt? Sitemap > is the site map

web spider, website optimization webmaster must be very clear, the novice but don’t understand, here cited in Luoping love Shanghai Encyclopedia of love: love Shanghai Shanghai spider spider, English name "Baiduspider" is a program to love Shanghai search engine. Its role is to visit on the Internet web pages, pictures, videos and other content, establish the index database, users can search in the search engine in Shanghai love to your web pages, pictures, video and other content.

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