Use Adsense DEDECMS must master the basic knowledge of the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

four: basic Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization, such as DEDECMS provides robots function, can use robots to shield some not to see the page, improve efficiency on the site of the spider crawling, but also can set a 404 page, this can solve the problem of dead link site, there is the picture of the site the ALT property must be set up, these pictures, there are some websites need to shield the hyperlink, the front can also set the nofollow attribute! There is through the DEDECMS background, to set the hyperlink > page inside

: to understand the basic operation of DEDECMS station program, this is the trend of Shanghai Longfeng optimization based the function module of DEDECMS are the main information set, cache settings, template settings, modify the article published, etc., there are many other details about the settings, such as site logo, site map and so on, can by setting the background DEDECMS


DEDECMS is currently the market share increasing, more and more love using DEDECMS station program to the construction site, the main reason why DEDECMS is a set of open source programs on the Internet, there are many free templates you can use, the use of DEDECMS website construction becomes very simple, but it is because there are a lot of free DEDECMS dinner, so know some basic website DEDECMS website for Shanghai dragon optimization knowledge is very important! Here I come to the following combination of a DEDECMS optimization to analyze the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon optimization

two: the core keywords to optimize the site, if you use DEDECMS to build a new website, then choose keywords, must pay attention to the competition, do not choose a large degree of competition that is not able to choose a point not competitive, because a competitive keywords is generally not almost no traffic and because of the flow of the key, basically all hide but now the webmaster stuff! So choose some slightly competitive keywords is a good choice for


three: optimization of the website DEDECMS three labels, usually keywords, title and description of three large, at this point, I think, in this one keyword optimization should follow the core keywords and long tail keywords gradually, such as your operation is the game site, then you can set keywords that game – the legendary game – the world’s legendary game this progressive keyword set, the website title and description should be closely combined with the keywords, and can’t is a simple stack, but should go to describe the smooth road

combined with the above, through the following steps to optimize your web site

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