The webmaster should correct understanding of the black hat Shanghai Dragon

is an example of a typical case, I think it’s kinda comic effect example. In May 21, 2009, noble English baby a Webmaster Help forum posting, seemingly innocent is the baby had deleted all sites. He lists 5 websites, according to what he said is made of information websites, real, according to different topic, no one is automatically generated content that spam sites. 5 a domain name, without exception, are full of long domain keywords.

based on the understanding of black hat risk, if you use black hat search engine punishment, don’t complain, can only take the consequences.

don’t complain, calm and accept the punishment

said that although a lot of black hat techniques of Shanghai Longfeng not immoral, but the search engine is certainly hate black hat, because black hat reduces the relevance of search results and the user experience, the search engine belongs to the scope of job, must crack down. So do the black hat be punished is normal, and even can be said that the long run is inevitable.

has found some pages of websites have duplicate content, is the most typical privacy policy page. This is not what big problem, privacy policy was almost. The webmaster solemn statement, our company policy, employees may not be copied, so most of the content is original.

some black hat Shanghai dragon personnel on the search engine ranking algorithm to understand very deep, technology is also very good. This kind of black hat Shanghai dragon do experiments on their website search engine testing line, is not a small contribution to the all Shanghai dragon industry practitioners. No black hat and tried, we often cannot know the way that search engine, which will hit the bottom line of the search engine. In this sense, do not go beyond the moral and legal boundaries of the black hat on the Shanghai dragon industry is not a bad thing.

the last noble baby staff couldn’t help jumping out of that the webmaster so-called original is "the", "add some, too, may, perhaps like the word, then a paragraph and what the word order. Many webmaster said the original is false in this skill based? Remember, "pseudo original"

then someone pointed out that these sites have a large part will be devoted to Links exchange website page, all of these cross links is not for the noble baby PR and links, because we know the cross links on the same IP is of no use. Of course, the webmaster is not PR and links, but very care about the site is deleted.

is often seen in the forum owners complain that their website ranking reduced, search engine punishment or even delete, webmaster feel very innocent, that the search engine casually without reason to punish site. This complaint is often misleading, it will further study found that because of being punished is the use of a search engine that is the technique of cheating.

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