Analysis and operation of crazy included site suddenly not included

Links belongs to the chain weight among one of the highest, so to the site of the impact is great, when we first want to see is the end is not a problem because of the friendship which included drop, this is well recognized, many Webmaster Platform now can be found, as long as you carefully observe the other site is not be K, or drop the right, it is not a problem, if any, immediately delete.

analysis examined decrease afterwards, I believe that many of the sites appear this kind of circumstance, mostly also appear in the above three kinds of problem, my site after check, found a friendship site was K, I am Speechless, had to take the friendship to delete, hope to be able to recover. Here I remind the webmaster, if the above situation, you can also be in accordance with my method to check, do not know, must be a stable state of mind, good write here, hope you can help, this is the original A5 first please keep the link

We all know that Oh, thank you! The above is my collection of

Hello, if the site is normally included, that is no better, but I wonder if you have encountered such a situation, when normal included suddenly included reduced, even not included, this happened to me recently, on the first picture to see:

third the chain to find the reasons for

this is my website 贵族宝贝360gqw贵族宝贝 today I just intercepted map, because before 24 can not find out, so I can not upload, but it can be said, in 24, the day before I collected up to more than 100. From above, we can see from the beginning of the day included No. 24 obviously began to decrease, today is now included in the 1 day, you also encountered the same situation over it, then I’ll talk about how I was to find the reasons and analysis.

from the first Links to find the reasons:

if you have confirmed that friendship is no problem, then you can then check in the website content, is not because of too much of your collection, or are caused by poor quality, if it is you have to take to improve the content of the website.

second website itself to find the reasons for


if the recent chain of you do too much, this may easily lead to the above situation, if not, then you look at your recent chain is not stable, etc. in short chain handling also will bring a big problem.

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