The analysis and application of iframe tag was lost

for the iframe label first we need to understand its role. The Iframe tag is a call on the page in another page of information. For example, as I mentioned above the micro-blog direct plug-in, its role is in an area of the page we call our micro-blog information, we can use the iframe tag to call micro-blog information. The methods used are as follows.



and iframe properties as long as we use reasonable, it is a blessing in disguise. Iframe use this characteristic, we can use it to show what we want to see to the user, but does not need to look at the information search engine. For example, the author said the opening of micro-blog live plug-in, as shown below is the addition of micro-blog broadcast plug-in, we use micro-blog live is to interact with the user, closer to the user. This information does not need to show to the search engine watch. If we use the iframe tag to call micro-blog information, the code will streamline many, for our site will be more good than harm.


when exposed to iframe tags are imbued with this tag to search engine friendly, but also not used to. Recently, the author in order to enhance interaction with the user site, specially want to join a live micro-blog component on the site, found that there is a component of the code is based on iframe. Compared with another code, based on the iframe code more convenient and simple. We are from the perspective of optimization using the iframe tag and what? First we use the definition of a iframe tag.

then use this call will exist what problem? For the lack of the use of iframe tags must have a lot of understanding. As we know, in order to identify the current search engine technology is not very good for the iframe tag information links, pictures, text and so on, another reason is that the information is only temporary calls from other places, does not belong to the content of your site. We can also be found in the optimization guide to love in Shanghai: "frame/frameset/iframe label, love Shanghai will lead to the spider crawling difficulties, do not recommend the use of" information. And this causes the iframe tag great defects, also on the quilt for search engine friendly hat.

Perhaps many webmaster

in addition to the above mentioned can be used in micro-blog, what can be used to? In fact, there is a place we often overlook the place, that is at the bottom of the page authentication and copyright information, as shown below.


The author thinks that the

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