Small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng cost optimization in the end how high

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work friends mentioned a concept, Shanghai dragon optimization relative to other marketing promotion cost is relatively low, Shanghai Longfeng optimization can be long-term effective, Shanghai dragon allows users to convince myself……. Yuan Kun is also the guardian of Shanghai dragon optimization practitioners today is about one of the enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng cost optimization in the end how high.

although the relative cost of Longfeng optimization in Shanghai is relatively low, and even can be said to be the industry of the ridiculously low status. But for an enterprise, if you want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, three months to half of the foundation time, half of the stable time is needed, the overall count down the site should be in operation for more than one year will have a good effect.

substitution sites are not the best strategy, a basic understanding of each industry needs three months, basically also Congtouzailai substitution. Of course website is similar, large basic revision is the railway station.

I believe that many The

felt a year’s time is too long, please think a person spend thousands of really not worth (now Wuhan just an ordinary employee to three thousand), most Small and micro businesses are the two main reasons for giving up.

time is too long to stand: for Small and micro businesses, to spend a year, which involved a long time, and to please a staff Shanghai dragon to thousands of, if more people cost more please. With many enterprises did not hire people, or hire people to stay, not directly do the bidding.


and others, sick to see the doctor. You know ill without treatment will eventually be regarded as hopeless. This kind of website to spend more time and energy in vain, so Shanghai took over the site of the first new dragon practitioners do is diagnostic analysis.

frequent substitution sites: part of the responsible person does not understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization (fear most is half a bucket of water), mostly on behalf of the operating companies, better can recruit a person. However, listening to the lecture tomorrow today to see peer an operation like effect, Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel according to their own needs to. The Shanghai dragon optimization work did not meet the requirements (especially did not achieve satisfactory results for 32 months). The guardian, Kunming found that most companies will change the website or similar substitutions on the site revised, which also has changed the site to the enterprise.


site itself in a disastrous state: more than 90% of the site is not understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and all enterprises love website looks tall, this is a direct result of all websites is to see the boss. These sites are mostly itself is not suitable for optimization, according to the guardian of Yuan Kun’s argument is that the site to do the pulpy, however in Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel get the answer is: cannot make any changes to the website, can only send the article and the chain.

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