Love Shanghai included new found two micro blog QQ space

many people use a Sohu micro-blog chain, before now not so good. Tencent micro-blog should be a good way, the webmaster can try the next. Every day some new changes, if found, recorded in a timely manner, analyze new phenomena, to do after optimization is also very helpful. The breast products which good 贵族宝贝fongxiong.>

A few days before the

two, the new found Sina micro-blog

mentioned in search of some popular vocabulary in Shanghai, the relevant information of micro-blog appear below it. Fell in love with the sea search "Fengjie", found that in addition to Shanghai love their own products, the next is the Tencent micro-blog. Last week in check a site outside the chain, also found them in a chain from the Tencent micro-blog. But the strange thing is how to insert the URL, because the release site in micro-blog, will be converted to short.

open the page, it can be found that sina micro-blog micro active page. Not only is the micro activity, micro-blog page will also be included. In the past, the search results will appear Sina micro-blog information, later can also use this way to do promotion.

three, the new discovery Tencent micro-blog



remember doing this, will consider the use of QQ space in the, because they love Shanghai not included, copied directly, also will not have the repeatability problem. QQ space is one of the sources of material, but also never used this way. Today, check the breast oil, found that some space articles were also included to love Shanghai. There are pictures and the truth.

is watching the news said, want to love Shanghai and Tencent to expand micro-blog, but did not think the space was also included. It can also use QQ space to do outside the chain.

do Chinese search engine optimization mainly rely on love Shanghai, whether it is to do, or do the chain, is the hope that love can be included in Shanghai. Every day some new found on their own sites or sites of similar queries. For example, what the site can be instantaneous, what new chain mode. Today to look up a word, accidentally discovered the new phenomenon of love Shanghai included, to share with everyone here. According to these new phenomena, in the chain can make full use of these findings.


search some words in Shanghai, some results will also appear in micro-blog, micro-blog and micro-blog are mostly Tencent Sohu results. Today in the search, I found the Sina micro-blog. Direct picture:

, a new discovery of the QQ space


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