My eyes electric Shanghai dragon and enterprise Shanghai Longfeng station

the eyes of the electricity supplier Shanghai dragon and enterprise stand the most fundamental difference between Shanghai dragon and Phoenix in the thought, enterprise station of Shanghai.

Enterprise Station Shanghai Longfeng optimization is relatively simple, generally only a few main keywords, one can fix, basically do not need to take into account the long tail word problem, also does not need to set up a keyword thesaurus, can do it OK 1-3 months. But the business class website optimization is more complicated, the electricity supplier sites belong to large sites, compared with the enterprise station, such a web site content, keywords are also very much, in order to enhance the whole point of Shanghai Longfeng flow need to do a lot of words in the long tail optimization. Light is the screening of so many long tail word is a headache, workload is very large, for mining the long tail of words is the focus, the entire electricity supplier website optimization needs a team, a person is certainly no way to do, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon Enterprise Station for the optimization of the main keywords the electricity supplier websites need to do ZhengZhan optimization for the Shanghai dragon, engaged in station optimization friends, is certainly a challenge.

two: the electricity supplier Shanghai dragon is the value of the conversion rate of

Although we all shouted

user experience is king, the user experience is Shanghai, the most important, but in the actual work of Shanghai Longfeng personnel can not do user experience, the ideal and the reality of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix are still not a small gap. User experience including: product design, interactive design, web page content, these things we controlled is very limited. Business class Shanghai dragon is the value of the conversion rate, and the enterprise stand Shanghai dragon does not need too tangled problem of conversion, the conversion rate is determined by many factors, such as we engage in Shanghai dragon, the most exposed to the content and page design. More than usual to interaction design analysis of other successful website, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to understand some page design knowledge, know what kind of page design more in line with the user experience, at present the enterprise stand user experience is to do, this is a big problem. I love Shanghai will give these contents, optimization is not excessive enterprise stand ranking.

three: the difference between two different ways of thinking in Shanghai dragon


business has become the Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng hot topic, with the increase of the number of the electricity supplier website, engaged in the electricity supplier website optimization Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are also increasing, the electricity supplier is the development trend of the future business model of Ma Yunceng said: "in the future do not understand e-commerce, you will have no business can be". The rapid development of electronic business to Shanghai Longfeng practitioners created employment opportunities, so the electricity supplier and enterprise Shanghai Longfeng station Shanghai Longfeng what difference? Has been doing business in Shanghai Longfeng station friend, if you want to switch to do business in Shanghai Longfeng, need to pay attention to what? The following is the author of the business enterprise and Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng understanding, both in the way of thinking is very different.

A: Enterprise Station of Shanghai Longfeng for keyword optimization

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