Remember that you are an interruption

first_imgIf you work in marketing or fundraising, like me, it’s really important to remember that we are interrupting people.No one is sitting around with nothing to do, just waiting for our email or letter or ad. They are busy. Then along we come, asking them to pay attention to what we have to say. We are doing the equivalent of tapping them on the shoulder and asking, “Do you have a second?”So we had better have something valuable to say. Look at what you were about to send out this week. Is it worthy of interrupting someone? Is it fascinating or does it provide some real value to others? Does it make someone feel great or tie into their passions? If not, go back and make it better. Make it worthy of a shoulder-tap and a request for attention. From the very first words.We can’t forget that people have many options for how to spend the precious time given in this short life. We should feel an obligation to have a very good reason for requesting their attention. If we don’t have one, then we should leave them alone. Interruption should be reserved for things that other people – not ourselves – deem important.Cartoon by Tom Fishburne aka The Marketoonistlast_img

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