Two great (free) ways to advance your cause

first_imgToday, I want to pass on two really fun resources for your mission.1. My hero Tiffany Shlain has created an amazing new two-minute film with free customized versions for nonprofits all over the world. Over the course of six months, she asked people from all over the world to send videos of themselves feeling their heartbeat and thinking about what it means. This is the film that unfolded…. and she’ll make a version for your cause.Here is ALL you have to do: check it out. This is an incredible opportunity she sent me to share with you.One of the goals of Tiffany’s Let it Ripple is not only to provide free media for inspiring organizations, but also to show how their work is interdependent. She’d love for you to join the 100 plus organizations that are using these films gratis.Here is one of Tiffany’s TED talks as a bonus.2. If you’re in the Washington DC, area, I want to share a coupon for a big discount on this $150 Cause Placement conference. It focus on embedding cause-related messaging and marketing into movies, television, celebrity activation, publishing, music and gaming. It’s for blog readers, and if you enter KATYACOMP, your registration is free. But I only have 10 of those, so if those run out, try the coupon KATYA and you get $100 off. Enjoy!last_img

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