6 tips to make your content more interesting

first_imgThink about the last time that you forwarded an email, shared a story or urged someone else to check out some content.I suspect it was for one of these reasons:It was surprising, unexpected or weirdIt was remarkably good or badIt was a great storyIt was visually striking – cute, beautiful, moving, funny or compellingIt was helpful or solved a problemIt was personally perfect – it made you think of someone and so you just had to send it to themMake your own list. Then apply it to your organization. How was that last e-news, annual report or appeal? Did it meet any of these criteria?If not, maybe that’s a problem. Take the extra hour out of your day and make what you produce more interesting.Why?Boring doesn’t get readBoring doesn’t get sharedBoring doesn’t get fundedlast_img

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