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I love Shanghai has written numerous articles on the news source, according to my experience, keen to love Shanghai news source spread is mainly three types of enterprises. The first is an intensely competitive industry. For example, the online games industry, Mobile Games industry, the user is the impulse of the user, the first page is basically click on the range of search results, and love the first page of Shanghai there will be a news source of the article, the article published in the news source, could be part of the enterprise out of the first page. The second category is trying to shape their own image of the industry standard. For example, the P2P platform, the article published in the news source, the platform can shape the image of authority. The third is from the negative news released by the company, the news source, a large number of negative news search results were pushed back, equivalent to delete posts. The news source published more articles, the less negative news.

and the difficulty index is the effect. In Shanghai Longfeng work, is the best way to promote low difficulty, good effect, followed by the high degree of difficulty, the effect is good, the last is of high difficulty, poor effect. The difficulty is almost equivalent to the cost of the promotion of Shanghai dragon. Therefore, it is necessary for us to see through the love of Shanghai news source published the promotion effect of soft.

so, the news source article published a difficult but poor effect". Nevertheless, there are still many companies love articles published in the news source, this is why?

Shanghai Longfeng content release, is nothing more than the chain, hair post, link, news, forum and so on, in these promotion means, I think through the love of Shanghai news source spread most difficult. There are two reasons, first, the Shanghai news source spread love there is a certain threshold of content creation, low quality content, are not willing to publish news source platform. Second, is the limited number of love Shanghai news source, mainly is the official, semi official and influential news website.


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this problem, by the above analysis, we have the basic understanding. Again summarize. The first is to create their own "tall" image, authoritative news reports to you, then you are tall". Second in order to get rid of the negative news. Since it is not permitted to delete posts, so the more positive news, the less natural negative news. Third in order to talent shows itself from the competition. The similar enterprises out of the first page of search results, can squeeze a little. Don’t underestimate the.

in my opinion, the positive impact of love Shanghai news source published articles in Shanghai Longfeng work is limited. First, the news source for the website ranking promotion co.. Admittedly, in the news website and implanted keywords, contribute to the new site is love Shanghai included, but only one or two articles for the rankings are very limited. Second, click on the news source is generally not high, so it is helpless to improve website ranking. Third, the news source is mainly to attract long tail users, and the number of users is less long tail.

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