7 Google+ Pro Tips for Nonprofits

first_imgEmpower Your Supporters: Ask your community to self-identify by selecting a circle to which they feel they belong. Check out how the Red Cross invited their supporters to join a circle. Here are seven pro tips from Google that can help boost your Google+ presence: Use Caution on Sensitive Topics: You can disable comments and resharing on sensitive topics before you post to avoid inappropriate activity. Share Whole Circles: After you’ve created circles of like-minded folk, share your public circles with others so they can connect with other supporters or keep up with the latest news about your cause. Use Hangouts with Extras: Hangouts allow you to share your screen and videos, so you can use this tool as a collaboration platform or as a way to introduce new supporters to your organization. Idea: take them on a virtual guided tour of your nonprofit! Use Images and Video: Rich content is visually attractive and is more likely to engage your audience. Be sure to post photos of your mission in action, videos from your latest fundraising event and other images such as your latest campaign poster or advertisement to draw in more supporters and increase the odds your content will be sharedcenter_img Take Advantage of the Google Ecosystem: Use gMail and Google+ integration to reply to posts directly from your gMail account and video chat with your gMail contacts. So you’ve got your nonprofit Google+ page up and running … now what? Take advantage of the unique features of this social platform to connect with your supporters, encourage community advocacy and add interactivity to your outreach. Sign Your Posts: Put a face to your brand by encouraging your Google+ page managers to sign their posts and build a personal rapport with your audience. It’s easier for supporters to connect with your nonprofit if they know who’s behind the proverbial curtain. Adapted from the webinar presentation “Beginner’s Guide to Google+” with John Prince.last_img

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