How to get unstuck when you lack inspiration

first_imgVery young kids’ drawings usually don’t feature a person’s neck.Why is that?My theory is that if you’re two or three years old and your perspective is pretty low to the ground, you don’t see people’s necks when you look up. You see a head sitting on arms. Perspective is everything, isn’t it? If you’re feeling stuck, you may not have writer’s block or marketing problems or any other creative limitation. More likely, you’ve lost the perspective you need to do your best work — that is, the perspective of your audience.The good news is, you can get it back. Go ask your audience questions and listen. And ask other people questions and listen. Ask your child (or a family friend’s child) what your organization does. You will get a refreshing perspective, and you may find it inspiring. There’s no better way to get unstuck than to ask advice of someone who is only a few feet high – and who may consider necks entirely optional. Or ask anyone you want to reach. A few questions can yield many answers – and priceless perspective.last_img

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