The moment that matters most for your cause

first_imgIf you are marketing on a shoestring, you need to focus your resources on one point in time: your audiences’ open-minded moments.What’s an open-minded moment? It’s a time, place or state of mind when people are most likely to hear your message, find it relevant and act upon it. For example, last month was an open-minded month for TurboTax marketers. Miller cleverly realized 5 pm is an open-minded moment for potential beer drinkers, so they branded happy hour as Miller Time. Think of the brain as a camera. Open-minded moments are the ones where our mental shutter opens, lets in light and focuses on something specific. If we can predict when our audience’s mental shutters will open, then we can show up for the photo shoot, thrust our offering into the picture and succeed in being seen. This is a better strategy than trying to force off someone’s lens cap and demand they zoom in on our beautiful cause. No matter how nicely we dress up, if our audience isn’t looking for our message or finding it easy to take action, we stand a poor chance of getting noticed.A great example is the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, which encourages volunteers to spray paint the message, “Don’t Dump – Chesapeake Bay Drainage” on storm drains. That’s placement of the right message, at the right time, at the right place. At the moment when someone is contemplating dumping a can of antifreeze into a storm drain, the warning is there to deter the dumper.What are your open-minded moments?last_img

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