Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event’s Missing Ingredient

first_imgWe’ve all been there: You’re at a nonprofit fundraising event, and someone gives an amazing speech. There are tears in your eyes, and right at that moment, you’d do anything for that person or their cause. You sit there, rubber chicken growing cold in front of you, feeling deeply moved and inspired. Then the moment passes and there’s nowhere to put that energy.If you have a great speaker at your event, ask them to issue a CALL TO ACTION that people can heed in the next 5 minutes. Make it something people can do right away to translate their emotion and support into tangible help.Send a text or email on their handhelds to a policymaker.Sign a pledge to help you.Give you their email address.Donate.Give you their address. (So many nonprofits wonder how to build an email list. How about by asking people tearing up at the great speech for their address so you can keep telling them amazing stories?)People want to help. Help them help you. Help them translate inspiration into action. They want to.Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 30, 2012 and has been updated.last_img

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