4 things that should shake up nonprofit marketing

first_imgI used the word “should” in the title of this post for a reason. These trends are shaking up our sector, but they’re not yet shaking up our marketing. And they should be.1. The rise of mobile. More and more people have smartphones, and that means doing good is at their fingertips, all the time. If we don’t create opportunities to act easily via mobile, we are going to miss out on a lot. Multichannel works best – and multichannel means mobile too.2. The growth of peer networks. People listen to each other more than us, so we need to stop viewing social media as another form of getting our message out. Its primary value is that it allows other people to get the message out, for us.3. The explosion of slacktivism. It is not bad. It is promising. Clay Shirky once said “Activists are active but not everyone else is.” We have to grasp that – and not write off everyone who isn’t a zealot. And as I said on Mashable, it’s a starting point for your cause. I’d rather have someone sign my petition than do nothing any day, because she or he is far more likely to take further action, later.4. The increasing personalization of everything. We’re in an era where marketing and communications are increasingly tailored to the individual. If we’re still blasting out one message, we will alienate every last person. Make people a part of your cause and speak to their interests. The old ways aren’t working as well for a reason. Let’s shake it up ourselves, so these tectonic changes work to our favor rather than rendering us irrelevant.last_img

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