11 ways to make your website more enchanting

first_imgAccording to Guy Kawasaki, former Chief Evangelist of Apple, you need an enchanting website to pull people to your story. Kawasaki’s most recent book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, offers 11 ways to do so.I’m sharing them here. And if this topic enchants you, I urge you to consider Network for Good’s upcoming training on turning your website from ick to slick. Sign up to learn more here.Guy Kawasaki’s website basics1. Provide good content. Duh. But it’s true.2. Refresh it often. Every few days.3. Skip flashy intros. Don’t make people work to know who you are on the home page.4. Make it fast. It should load super quick.5. Sprinkle visuals! They work – just don’t overdo it.6. Provide an FAQ page. It helps people cut to the chase.7. Craft an About page so people can find the details on who you are.8. Help visitors find their way. Include search and clear navigation.9. Introduce the team. A good “who are we?” page with photos is nice.10. Optimize visits for various devices. Check how you look on tablets and mobile – especially if more than 5% of your visitors find you that way. (Google analytics will tell you.)11. Provide multiple methods of access. Show people how to find you on Facebook, Twitter, via RSS, via email, etc.last_img

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