2011: The year I kept a resolution

first_imgAt the beginning of 2011, I resolved to post on this blog every single day, for the whole year. I think this is the first time I’ve ever kept a resolution! I did actually d0 it, as of this post, without missing a day.Lest I sound too smug, I can assure you that I didn’t keep any other resolutions, including ones that involved exercise, finishing a novel and being more patient with my children (they can back me up on that). So what was the difference and what did I learn? Since it’s resolution time again, I thought I’d pass on my own thoughts, based on where I succeeded and failed.1. Make your resolution public. I committed to posting daily on this blog, in public. If I’d only done it privately, I am sure I would have never made it. 2. Have a buddy. I made the resolution because the wonderful blogger Kivi Leroux Miller inspired it with her own pledge. Having a buddy makes you try harder.3. Make your resolution very specific. I didn’t commit to blogging “more,” I committed to every day. In other areas of my life, I promised myself to do “more,” which wasn’t as inspiring or galvanizing.4. Try to stick to your resolution for a few weeks. Then it becomes a habit, and it gets easier.5. Tie it to rewards you care about. I really want to become smarter, more reflective and better at writing. I thought of blogging with those goals in mind (rather than as a burden), and it kept me energized. I focused as much as I could on what I was gaining from the experience rather than what it cost. If I’d seen this as an obligation, I would have failed. I (mostly) enjoyed it, and that made all the difference.I plan to keep going in 2012! My only question is whether to continue blogging on weekends. I see less traffic on the blog then. So I thought I’d take a poll.Please weigh in.If you can’t see the poll below, view it here.last_img

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