Before and after: A website goes from good to great

first_imgWe’ve got a great story posted at Network for Good.Ken Hayes of Give2Give Hope has graciously allowed us to use Give2Give Hope’s site as an example of before and after. Thanks to the organization for the inspiration! Before:I gave feedback on this site:Things I loved: * Photos of children* Donate button above the fold (meaning, you don’t have to scroll to see it)* Email signup above the fold* Tangible results are highlighted* Social sharing links top right, where they belong* Address is easy to find* Navigation is easy to understand and donor-centric Here were the things I cited to improve:* Make the home page a little less busy to avoid the paradox of choice* The site had a carousel of constantly changing photos that made it hard to really stare at and connect with one – I’d stick with one child, who you change on page refresh* The photo to the left with “sponsor and child” and the photos to the right on the carousel competed with each other and confused the visitor.* I wasn’t crazy about the childlike font — hard to read and not inspiring of trust.* Reduce the number of reading options.* Drastically shorten the text in the center of the page. Remember, people skim, not read, online.Here is the revised site – which is stellar:Beautiful work!In addition, I admire Give2Give Hope’s use of email signatures. Ken’s email signature reads as follows. It’s extremely well done:In 2009, on my first trip out of the country, I came face-to-face with poverty and suffering unlike anything I had experienced before… I held a child in my arms who had gone days without a full belly, who never owned a pair of shoes, who drank water filled with parasites, who didn’t even have a bed to sleep on. My heart was broken. God gave me a job to do that day, and with the help of many generous people along the way, Give2GiveHope is working to feed children both physically and spiritually and making a life-long impact on an entire community. Help Give2GiveHope provide hope for a better tomorrow by supporting us prayerfully and financially. Sponsor a child today for $30/month or visit our website at for more information on how you can get involved. Great job!last_img

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