These six reasons let me abandon Shanghai Dragon

, however, with the passage of time, the position of Shanghai dragon becomes very awkward. Why? Because a Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel hiring a general company, is equal to the editing and promotion to the recruitment.

I do not know what time is Shanghai dragon this occupation, I am from the beginning of 2012 the Shanghai Phoenix contact. The feeling that time do the old Shanghai dragon with a sense of accomplishment, change the title, write two articles, you can put a keyword to do the home page, I think it really is a particularly interesting but also make people feel very proud of one thing.

of course, I do not choose Shanghai dragon, that is a reason drops. Now I have six reasons I don’t do Shanghai dragon to share.

because in their eyes, Shanghai dragon is not a technology and high gold content of the work is in many enterprises in the eyes, do not just Shanghai dragon hair outside the chain, exchange chain? This work 1500

day a netizen, netizen amount should not say, exactly, can be said to be a fan. After all, it is a fan of flying time, if you do not have their own fans, you feel shy to speak with others.


in 2012, when I came from domestic companies, to do an interview in education company, company of my salary is $1500. I like a clean, 2010 of my wages more than this number! But, even the company will be given this salary.

so, I think, Shanghai, for me, I really do not love to do the work.

fans asked me, said Yang brother, you do Shanghai dragon before, why don’t do it now? Is Shanghai Longfeng not

? enough?

NO NO NO! Whether an industry decline would not be changed because of my exit. There is a saying that good ah, this world, who left the earth, still still turn.


2, Shanghai Longfeng salary is not high in the industry

1, Shanghai dragon post embarrassing

so, foreign say they do is optimize the work, but, in fact, one may even promotion, editing, and even some programs work to replace. Some small companies will think the Shanghai dragon came to an equal to anything, ask, want to use this word for a month to do

I remember in 2013, people in Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon inside posted a vote, a monthly salary of 4000+ was scanty. Although the number of voters are not many, not enough to represent the entire industry wages. However, from the recruitment website, Shanghai Longfeng wages in 2013, basically is about 2500-3500. >

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