Free eBook: Make your next event a big success

first_imgMy organization, Network for Good, has a free new eBook with tips on how to make your next auction, car wash, dinner, gala, golf tournament, luncheon, open house or other fundraising event a resounding success.The eBook is available here.It includes these three great tips for bringing your mission to life at your event, from Terry Axelrod:1. Live Testimonial. Who has your organization touched? What lives have you changed? Who has been affected? Invite that person up to share his or her personal story! Keep in mind that this method is not reserved for human services organizations only. Say you’re an eco-conscious nonprofit who’s saved public lands from development: Invite a family who hikes there! And if you’re a health advocacy group? Bring up a child who your legislation hasaffected because now she gets equal rights at her school.2. Quick speech from leadership. Your Executive Director or CEO is the visionary leader of your organization for a reason. Where does his or her passion lie? What changes have previous supporters enabled? Where is yourorganization going in the next year and how will that affect those in attendance at your event? 3. An invitation to come back for seconds. (We’re not talking about the buffet here.) After the seven to eight minutes taken up by ideas one and two above, take the opportunity to invite attendees to learn more. This step is your call to action for attendees! Have a Board member invite folks to take a tour of your nonprofit’s facilities. Provide your URL where people can learn more about next year’s plans.Enjoy!last_img

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