Don’t be a fool: it’s not about you

first_imgNow here’s a home page for you. Be sure to click on it for the full effect.What to say?First off, I have to credit for tipping me off to this splash page, which won the dubious honor of one of the worst nonprofit websites of the year.Second, I hope it made you laugh. It is the month of April Fool’s Day, after all.Third, this is no joke. It’s a microcosm of what’s wrong in nonprofit marketing. While this tacky look-at-me website and its flaming torches takes self-adulation to an extreme, it’s an apt representation of where we go wrong in online outreach. Too many of us are too focused on trumpeting our organizations and too forgetful of everyone else – the people we help and the donors who make that help possible. They deserve center stage, not our logo. We need to exit center stage and let the spotlight shine where it belongs: on other people.Bonus tip: skip the torches.last_img

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