The actual design details how to optimize the site case


second: to all web site with the ALT property, because too many pictures in websites, search engines don’t grab, this is actually the biggest taboo do Shanghai dragon, too many images, text is too small, the first to have this picture of what is in the alt attribute, then add in the appropriate keywords, such a form.

first, I on the site’s home page is optimized, in fact, even if the site optimization is poor, not all at once, after all, is a long-term process optimization and continuous modification.

third: reduce the JS effect, if not reduce up in the appropriate places, such as the navigation part we can add a pair of Web site navigation, to make up for the lack of navigation, the general search engine is hard to grab JS in the text, I cut a figure of

this would solve the search engines to crawl to the disadvantage of paging. Then is to look at what JS can be removed, such as the use of JS shielding links these can be replaced with manual input or modify, not JS to screen, anyway, try to reduce the use of js.

fifth: adjust keywords layout, on the one hand is the anchor point layout, on the one hand is the layout of the key words, the two are not the same, Guan >

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, there are several recent new online website, the optimization effect was not satisfied, because I didn’t focus on optimization, just put the thought in the construction of the external links, but also because of the time, the construction of the chain always follow, generally the station began ranking is good, but certainly not long hard, because the station optimization is the site of long-term stability of the rankings, below I get my a station to conduct a detailed analysis of the solution of plane, you also help me analyze is not the reason, then let the search engines crawl quickly, to see the actual effect.

: the first to optimize the title, description and keywords, which in my case in the application of science and technology of the station, I feel the problem is not large, because some of the basic have, is nothing more than the title must be accurate, the content can not be too long, with "|" or "," separated, useful also underlined, basically similar description includes the title text, form a complete, can be smooth, and now the search engine keywords, not very good, but also have simple, is the title of the separator are converted into "," it has been done here, I do not elaborate on these basic website optimization all understand.

fourth: add text columns, is to add more text, text to add some anchor text, if no text anchor text point have no way to add, I suggest is to put these words into the left upper part of the search engine can easily crawl to the place, the first page of text must be more than 50%, to meet this requirement is very difficult to get good rankings.


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