Bayonne Police Department reschedules vehicle auction for Tuesday, March 21

first_imgThe Police Department expects 35 vehicles to be available at the auction. The Bayonne Police Department reserves the right to withdraw any of the vehicles from the sale. This sale of motor vehicles bars all claims of interest in said motor vehicles except for the purchasers. The Police Department reserves the right to reject any and all bids for the vehicles. In the event of the last-minute addition of new items to the auction, any terms or conditions applying to their sale at auction would be announced.The auction scheduled by the Police Department for March 21 is the third such event planned for 2017. The Bayonne Police Department holds such auctions from time to time. Other police auctions that may take place in 2017 would be announced as events may warrant. BAYONNE — The Bayonne Police Department will hold a public auction of motor vehicles on Tuesday, March 21, at 9:30 a.m., at the Bayonne Police Pound, 330 Hook Road, in Bayonne. The vehicles that will be featured at the auction came into the possession of the Police Department as a result of abandonment or failure of owners to claim them. The vehicles scheduled to be auctioned on Tuesday, March 21, will be available for inspection by prospective bidders on Monday, March 20, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Bayonne Police Pound. This auction was scheduled originally for March 14, but was postponed, due to inclement winter weather on that date.The Police Department advises prospective buyers that all the vehicles are in used condition. They may be inoperable, may be missing parts, may require repairs, or may have defects that are not readily apparent. Each item is being offered as is. The minimum bid price shall be $200 per vehicle unless otherwise specified. One vehicle listed for the auction has a minimum bid price of $6,000. An additional fee of $2 for a junk title certificate shall be charged for each vehicle being auctioned.Buyers must pay in full, either in cash or by certified check, at the time of sale. Buyers must remove the purchased vehicles from the pound no later than three days after the date of sale. The purchase of any vehicle not removed from the pound after three days following the sale may be declared void, and the monies paid by the successful bidder would be forfeited. ×last_img read more

U.S. Solar Installations Grow by 17% in 2014, Passing Natural Gas

first_imgU.S. Solar Installations Grow by 17% in 2014, Passing Natural Gas FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Chris Martin for Bloomberg News:Solar power developers added a record 7.3 gigawatts of capacity in the U.S. last year, up 17 percent from 2014 and surpassing natural gas installations for the first time.Residential installations climbed 66 percent, the fastest-growing segment, and accounted for 29 percent of all photovoltaic systems, according to a report Monday from GTM Research and the Washington-based Solar Energy Industries Association.California, North Carolina and Nevada were again the top three solar states. Utah jumped from 23rd to 7th, while New Jersey slipped to 10th from sixth.The gains reflect the growing demand for clean energy sources as the U.S. and other nations seek to curb greenhouse gas emissions, as well as falling prices that make solar power more competitive with gas.Total U.S. solar installations now exceed 25 gigawatts, equal to about one quarter of the country’s nuclear fleet, and up from just 2 gigawatts five years ago.Full article: U.S. Solar Surged 17% in 2015 Led by Demand for Rooftop Powerlast_img read more

Jake Paul to fight Gib on Andrade-Keeler card in January

first_imgJake Paul’s blueprint is set. Now all he has to do is make sure to deliver on his end of the bargain.On Monday, it was announced that Paul will fight AnEsonGib, more commonly known as Gib, at Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami, live on DAZN in the United States, on Jan. 30. The fight will serve as the co-main event on the Demetrius Andrade vs. Luke Keeler card, when Andrade defends his WBO middleweight title.  Matchroom Boxing USA president Eddie Hearn had great success promoting Logan Paul-KSI 2 and thinks Jake Paul-Gib will be another big hit with fans.“January 30 in Miami just became a whole lot bigger,” Hearn said. “After the huge success of KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 which broke broadcast numbers worldwide and also got nominated as Ring Magazine ‘Event of the Year,’ I’m delighted to add Jake Paul vs. Gib to our world championship tripleheader on Super Bowl weekend in Miami, live on DAZN. Ever since the last event, people have been sliding into my DMs from all around the world to make this fight, so hopefully now I will get some rest at Christmas!”Same rules apply, 10-ounce gloves, no headguards and both going through the full professional protocol,” he added. “It’s USA vs. UK one again! Los Angeles was wild, I have a feeling Miami will be next level.” Gib is one of KSI’s best friends. If Paul beats him, he’ll look to face KSI himself for a chance to avenge his brother Logan Paul’s loss last month.The fact that he gets to do it during Super Bowl 54 week in the same host city of the big game only adds to the excitement. Super Bowl 54 will be played just three days later at Hard Rock Stadium on Feb. 2.Join DAZN and watch Jake Paul vs. Gib on Jan. 30″This bout has deep roots,” Paul said in a DAZN press release. “It’s a fight for my brother’s honor, my pride and most importantly my loyal fans who are among the best in the world. This is the American dream. Thursday, January 30, on DAZN, my opponent’s 15 minutes of fame turn into 10 seconds of counting stars as he lays unconscious on the canvas. And then, I’m coming for that wanker KSI.”Jake had to watch Logan drop a controversial split decision to KSI in their rematch Nov. 9. The news conference for that fight had Jake and Gib nearly coming to blows, before security stepped in to break it up.This fight will give Gib the social media-powered fight against Paul that he craves.“After six months of Jakey ducking, the fight is finally going down,” said Gib. “He had no choice of his opponent, I chose him. Since my last fight I have been training nonstop and January 30 in Miami, I will end the fight in devastating fashion and will have my hand raised in front of his country, family and friends. Jake Paul is going to be my walking, talking ad for the rest of his days.”Like Logan Paul-KSI 2, Jake Paul and Gib bring their own massive social media following into this fight. At 22, Jake Paul is the most viewed internet star in the U.S. with more than 36 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Gib, who built his following most particularly as a standout FIFA gamer, has 1.95 million subscribers on YouTube.last_img read more

Tumwater Roadwork: Desoto Street Stabilization and Rehabilitation Project

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0Submitted by City of TumwaterConstruction is scheduled to begin on the Desoto Street Stabilization and Rehabilitation Project. Desoto Street will be closed between 2nd Avenue SW and Emerson Street SW for the duration of project, and a detour route will be in place. I-5 ramps will remain open during construction. The road closure is expected to last from August 6 to November 2, 2018, depending on the weather.Local streets within the proximity of the project are expected to receive more traffic volume than normal due to the detour. Electronic message boards and detour signs are installed along the detour route. Drivers are encouraged to find alternate routes to bypass the area.This project will completely reconstruct Desoto Street SW and 4th Avenue SW from 2nd Avenue SW to Emerson Street SW. Work includes replacement of the existing road base and surface, sidewalks, curb ramps, curb and gutter, a retaining wall, water line, storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure, and underground conversion of the overhead utilities except for the power transmission lines. The project will include construction of new features, such as slope stabilization, an uphill bike lane, fencing along the sidewalk (due to the steep drop near the canyon), architectural street lighting, and storm water treatment. The full road closure is necessary due to deep soil stabilization and deep utility work on this narrow road.This project is funded by a Surface Transportation Program Grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation.Sign up for “Construction & Traffic Alerts” to receive email updates about traffic impacts and service interruptions as the project progresses at read more

How to Create an Indomitable Mindset

first_imgThere is nothing more fundamental to success than a powerful, indomitable mindset. Nothing will cause success to elude you more than a weak, disempowered set of beliefs.To create an empowered mindset, you need to reject ideas and beliefs that don’t serve you, embracing positive ideas and choosing to be infected with beliefs that give you strength of mind. What You Must RejectNegativity: Negativity has no upside. A negative attitude eliminates your ability to generate success; it destroys your belief that something is possible and with it, your resourcefulness. If you listen to yourself carefully, you will quickly realize how much time you spend complaining, even when you are only complaining to yourself.Scarcity: There is no scarcity in the universe. The scarcity you perceive is because resources aren’t distributed equally across the planet or across segments of the population. Allowing yourself to perceive scarcity prevents you from recognizing the options and opportunities available to you.Fear: Fear immobilizes you. It prevents you from taking action. Fear is a fog. It prevents you from perceiving the real danger, the danger of not doing what you need to do, what you are here for.Worrying about things outside your control: The time you spend worrying about things outside your control distracts you from taking care of the things that are within your control. It’s easy to get wrapped around the axle, spending your limited time and energy where this is to return.Being Infected: Your mind is under constant assault from ideas that would infect you with negativity, scarcity, fear, and distractions. An awareness of that those infections exist, and knowing who the carriers are allows you to reject those infections.What You Must EmbraceOptimism: Optimism is the belief that, over time, you can succeed, and that things get better. A positive mental attitude creates possibilities. A positive attitude is its own reward, but more than that, positive beliefs tend to manifest and become positive results.Abundance: There are more opportunities available to you than you could take advantage of in two lifetimes. When you see that you are surrounded by abundance, you see opportunities, possibilities, and options.Courage: Courage is the ability to feel fear and act in spite of it. Much of what you want to accomplish comes with a fair bit of risk, and courage is what is necessary to step through your fears.Focus on things within your control: You produce success when you focus on the things that are within your control. You do more to generate results by focusing where you have control and where you can make a difference.Leaving people better than you found them: Infect people with positive beliefs and positive actions. Help them create a greater vision for themselves and help them to see possibilities. Make them feel special, important. Spread your positive infections. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Should you make your CEO blog?

first_imgNo. Unless they really, really want to.•It takes a huge amount of energy and time to blog. You have to be really enthusiastic about the medium, or it’s really not going to work.•Your CEO may not be your best spokesperson. Perhaps you have a volunteer, another staffer or a constituent that can speak better to what you’re attempting to accomplish through this mode of communications.•You’re welcome to blog yourself, but others may be doing it already! If you don’t want to start a blog yourself, what bloggers in your community are talking about your issue that you could reach out to and engage so they’re spreading the word on your behalf?It really comes down to the commitment and the purpose behind the blog. You need someone who will continually contribute and enjoy the process as it’s happening. And, it’s a great opportunity to think about whom you have helped, or what other champions or advocates you have who could blog to advance your mission.last_img read more

10 Strategies for Recession Fundraising

first_imgThe Chronicle of Philanthropy has a great series up right now with 10 things to do now, to raise money during the downturn. You need a subscription to read the full articles but here’s their list. It is based on interviews with a variety of organizations. Some of these are back-to-basics ideas, which is what a lot of people are focusing on. Others are about being  frugal and innovative. All excellent ideas these days.Don’t treat giving as a financial transaction. Tell donors how their giving is making the world a better place and don’t just focus on the perks they will receive (e.g. “you get a newsletter and four free tickets” — this is especially important for arts organizations).Keep close ties to donors. Don’t make your only contact with donors be solicitations. Focus on thanking and showing impact. Find ways to let donors see the impact for themselves.Offer matching grants. Ask a loyal donor or funder to provide the match.Ask donors to give monthly. ‘Nuff said.Look for ways to save money on fundraising. Trim special event expenses or eliminate programs that aren’t serving you well. Look for ways to move your communications online. Freeze salaries. Renegotiate with your vendors and consultants (don’t know about this one!).Seek alternatives to soliciting private donations. Can you rent some of your space to another organization? Start a social enterprise? Develop a cause-marketing partnership with a corporation?Collaborate to raise money. You can have greater impact and generate more attention by working with others. For example, ten grassroots organizations serving people with disabilities could put on one large event instead of each having their own. They would probably raise more, hold a better event and get more attention than doing it alone.Scale back ambitious campaigns, but don’t give up on them. You may have to scale back on the goal or increase the length of your “quiet phase” where the lead gifts are solicited.Avoid emergency solicitations. Asking donors to bail you out or save you from impending demise is not an appealing message — who wants to invest in an organization on the brink of collapse? Instead, tell people how the economy is hurting the people you serve and the issues you work on.Shore up relations with grant makers. It is going to take some time before endowment-based funders can get back to decent levels of giving, but that doesn’t mean you should stop paying attention to them. Be on their list when giving resumes, by being in touch and continuing to show them you are making a difference. Source: read more

Flat is the new up: Philanthropy this year

first_imgMy Silver FLATs, by Joey 989 via FlickrIs giving up or down? Lucy Bernholz has the answers here. As she noted, flat may be the new up. (She was quoting a Tweet there.)Read her whole post. The highlights:1. Giving was down in 2008 from 2007 by 2%, the first decline since 1987. This year, a third of nonprofits say their budgets are down, but 1/3 say they’re up, probably due to stimulus dollars.2. Expect more scrutiny of your nonprofit at all levels, thanks to scandals, budget pressures and the new 990.3. The Foundation Center and Guidestar are both projecting 2009 foundation and individual giving to drop between 9-13% each over 2008 and again 2010 over 2009. 4. We don’t know how many nonprofits are going under, but some predict 10% could this year.So if you’re flat, congrats. That’s pretty great in this climate.last_img read more

Is direct mail headed for the circular file?

first_imgToday my soon-to-be-husband received a direct mail piece with the following message on the envelope:“Warning: The penalty for obstructing or interfering with the delivery of this letter is a fine of up to $2,000 and up to 5 years imprisonment.” It also said: “Postmaster: please deliver between 8/10 and 8/12.” Today being the 14th and all, I guess the postmaster is behind. Or maybe this is all a crock. The latter, of course. The contents of this outrageous piece of mail? A pass for a “free” six-night cruise. This is the kind of thing that makes me hate direct mail. I’ve even seen nonprofits do things this tricky. Does it work? is it right? And…. is direct mail ultimately headed for the circular file? As Mark Rovner points out in this must-read post, not really to all of the above. Any nonprofit marketing or fundraising professional would be nuts to retire the postage meter. That said, Mark makes some extremely savvy points about direct mail. Namely:I’m not saying these tactics don’t work. If they didn’t work they wouldn’t be so commonplace. I am saying it’s all a little bit cheesy and dishonest, and we have three generations – boomers, Gen-X an Gen-Y who are progressively less tolerant of cheese and manipulation than their forebearers.He urges direct mailers to think differently about nonprofit marketing and fundraising – and more importantly, their relationships with their audience.Heed his advice:If our direct mail brethren are smart, they’ll get beyond their denial about the world changing, and reinvent the medium to match the expectations and tastes of new generations of donors. If they don’t, then maybe it is time to be drafting the epitaph.last_img read more